Connecting with
Specify the software you will use to connect to Lorton Data.
  • A-Qua MailerTM web: Using A-Qua Mailer web, you can access address quality and mail list processing services such as ZIP + 4®, NCOALink® processing, Duplicate Elimination, Postal Presort, Printer File Output, and more without having to install software on your computer. Services are delivered in the cloud.
  • A-Qua MailerTM FTP: A-Qua Mailer FTP enables you to automate your workflow, especially for high volume or high frequency situations.
  • A-Qua MailerTM command: A-Qua Mailer command is a fully automated, cloud-based, enterprise mailing software alternative that fits directly into your workflow. Using a Windows command line interface, driven by templates and configuration files, you can automate your repetitive and similar address quality and mail list processing tasks.
  • A-Qua MailerTM SDK: A-Qua Mailer SDK is the easy way to integrate address standardization, change-of-address, presort and other services into your software. A-Qua Mailer SDK includes libraries with APIs for automated processing. By offering your clients money-saving data solutions, you raise your profile as an innovative problem solver.
  • DocuTransfer: DocuTransfer provides a complete print-to-mail foundation to obtain postal discounts on bulk mailings.