Select one of the following to indicate your preferred ongoing payment method.
  • Previously Established - Select this option if you already have an ongoing payment method on file with Lorton Data.
  • Credit card - If you would like to use a credit card for ongoing payment, select this option and fill out the credit card information on the next page. We use secure methods to hold your Credit Card information.
  • Subscription - Subscriptions are a way to purchase processing services in blocks, providing an opportunity to lower your costs. On the next page you can choose to pay for your subscription via terms or with a credit card. If you purchase your subscription from a dealer, they will bill you directly.
  • A-Qua Mailer Credit - Free credits that can be used to test Lorton Data's A-Qua products.
  • Terms - Complete our Credit Application and fax the form to 651-203-8299. Allow 3-5 days for the application process. With an approval of terms, an invoice will be sent for each job you process.
  • Other - A customer representative will contact you to establish a payment method. Choosing this option will prevent your job from running through automated processing.
If you have questions regarding payment please call 651-203-8290.